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Three Hills

TH-01 - Lana
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TH-02 - Jerri-Lynn
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TH-03 - Diana
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TH-05 - Rita
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TH-06 - Marlowe
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TH-07 - Leonie
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The Facility

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When completed, Prairie Christian Academy will have Preschool through to Grade 12 on a single campus, located on the site of the current PCAElementary School.


Through the main entrance will be the main lobby,
an inviting and open space for students, parents and guests.


The new Fine Arts room will perform several roles: band and drama classes, performance theatre and chapel


PCA’s new gymnasium will be 800 square metres, have two cross courts, a main court and sufficient seating to hold ASAA provincial tournaments


The new library will provide an open space and multiple learning platforms for students.


A new digital media lab will provide the means to prepare students at PCA for success in the digital age.

Media Lab

These pictures are an artist’s interpretation and designed to visualize the completed project. The completed structure and rooms will not look exactly like the pictures.