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The Society of Prairie Christian Academy, comprised of parents of the students, is seeking to raise $1,000,000 to supplement the cost of the Modernization Project. This commitment will give us:

  • Chapel/fine arts theatre and seating
  • Gymnasium with 800 square meters and seating
  • Two additional classrooms
  • Additional equipment and furnishings for these facilities

Please consider donating towards this goal. In this you will partner with us towards our vision for the future of Prairie Christian Academy.

"Prairie Christian Academy will flourish as a school by drawing students from our local community, throughout Alberta, Canada and various countries of the world.”

“Prairie Christian Academy will provide effective educational programs, with a strong elementary foundation and high quality sports, fine arts and vocational options for junior and senior high students.”

“Prairie Christian Academy will foster intentional spiritual growth through a strong Christian Education program, an environment that nurtures servanthood, and opportunity for staff and peer mentoring.”

“Prairie Christian Academy will motivate students to achieve outstanding results in all areas, producing graduates who are mature, strong in their faith and leaders in their communities.”

We are ECSTATIC to announce that generous supporters have stepped up to help with this need! We have recently received $200,000 in donated funds. Yes, $200,000 in DONATED funds! We are also able to add another $35,000 from our capital fund (including many gifts made by PCA families), leaving us with ONLY $215,000 that still needs to be raised! We have found a party that is willing to loan us this amount interest-free, so by God's grace through His generous people, we are able to make good on our debt owed to GHSD! On behalf of the Society, families and students who benefit from PCA, we say THANK YOU to all of our supporters!

Our next goal is to pay back the $215,000 as soon as possible. We are so close to saying good-bye to debt and being able to fully look ahead to what can be done in the future. Every bit counts! All donations toward this goal are tax deductible. For more information, you can contact Dave Amendt by email at or by voice and text at 403-443-1126. This is an exciting time at PCA and we thank you for being a part of what God is doing here!