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Three Hills

TH-01 - Lana
On time
Updated: Mar 29 at 12:38 PM
TH-02 - Jerri-Lynn
On time
Updated: Mar 29 at 12:38 PM
TH-03 - Randy
On time
Updated: Feb 8 at 7:07 PM
On time
Updated: Mar 29 at 1:42 PM
TH-05 - Rita
On time
Updated: Mar 29 at 12:55 PM
TH-06 - Marlowe
On time
Updated: Mar 29 at 12:38 PM
TH-07 - Leonie
Not Running
Updated: Apr 12 at 6:09 AM

Field Trip Forms - for parents to print off and sign
if original is lost 

(if there is a cost involved, students are not able to attend until paid on SCO)


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all school trips have been cancelled until furthur notice.


Procedure for school trips:  

- An item will be created in School Cash Online and will be attached to all applicable students as an optional fee with the due date as the day of the event.
- Parents/Students will log into School Cash Online, pay for the trip and print off the receipt.
- Receipt needs to be brought into the office, then the field trip form (permission slip) will be given to the student to take home for a parent to fill out. (We can also run a report showing if the item has been paid)
- Completed field trip forms are to be given to the teacher in charge of the field trip.