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Thank You to Parents - Successful Relaunch of School |

Thank You to Parents - Successful Relaunch of School

Dear Parents,

want to thank you as parents for your patience and support as we have made planning adjustments and worked through the many changes in our schools.

I also want to acknowledge the hard work of all of our staff in preparing for what has been a very successful school start this year. School staff have worked very hard to make the necessary adjustments to their classrooms and programs and this is paying off for students. 

We have heard back from families across Golden Hills that this was one of the smoothest school start-ups of all time.  We appreciate all the work that went into this over the summer and this past month as we know there were many new routines to set up and lots of questions from families. 

We are still working on some program options in our schools and are pleased to announce that we now have protocols to be able to offer band classes as well as options for singing and choirs.  More information will be coming directly from your schools and teachers on this.  As well, we are just finalizing options for competitive athletics for in-school students this school year.  We have been working out the routines around sports cohorts and transportation and more details for individual sports will follow. 

This year we are offering more programming options than ever before to meet family needs. In addition to our near-normal programming in schools, we also continue to offer traditional home schooling, online schooling, and now this year, learning at home.  Families are choosing the option that works best for their situation and for their children and we have appreciated the positive feedback from families across our school division for the variety of options to meet their needs.  As September comes to a close, this Friday (October 2) is also the closing date for all program registrations and our final staffing is now in place for all programs we offer. 

I want to wish all of you an excellent school year, and with October 12th just around the corner, I’ll also say have a great Thanksgiving!!


Bevan Daverne
Superintendent of Schools